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Black Walnut
(Juglans nigra L.)

Graphic of the Black Walnut

LEAVES: Compound, alternate; leaflets 15 to 23, each 3"-4" long, small-toothed; dark yellow-green above, paler, hairy below. End leaflet absent or very small. Main leaf-stem with very fine hairs.

TWIGS: Stout, orange-brown to dark brown, roughened by large leaf scars, easily broken; pith pale brown, chambered. Buds gray, downy; side buds 1/6" long, end bud larger.

FRUIT: A round nut, 1"-2" in diameter, shell rough, covered with a thick, almost smooth, green spongy husk; oily kernel sweet. Flowers in drooping green catkins, appearing with the unfolding leaves, which is also true of butternut.

BARK: Dark brown to gray-black, with narrow ridges.

GENERAL: A large-sized tree, found locally on rich soils mainly in the southern part of state. Wood valuable for quality furniture, veneer, gun stocks and musical instruments.